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Vaccine Injury of David Hernandez

Florida, United States
Date of Injury: 12 April 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
December 2020 and January 2021, I completed 2 separate complete medical physicals (for work and health plan), which I passed with flying colors and...

Vaccine Injury of S.B.

New York, US
Date of Injury: 14 March 2021

Vaccine: Moderna
I went to my local pharmacy for the first vax. I waited 15 minutes afterwards, and felt ok but was dizzy. I went straight home and went to bed. I c...

Vaccine Injury of Christopher Stone Lamb

California, United States
Date of Injury: 08 May 2021

Vaccine: Moderna
I started feeling dizziness, extreme fatigue, cognitive impairment, headaches, within hours of my Second Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. Largely bedr...

Vaccine Injury of Mark Hendsbee

Alaska, United States
Date of Injury: 19 November 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
In April of 2021 I received the first two covid vaccines on separate dates. This was uneventful. I received the shots in my left deltoid and there ...
Robert Seromik

Vaccine Injury of Robert Seromik

Ohio, United States
Date of Injury: 27 August 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
On 8/27/2021 I got my second pfizer. Within a week I was getting a flashes of light in my eyes while I was trying to sleep and also heart palpitati...
Shanna Carroll

Vaccine Fatality of Aubrynn Shay Grundy

Michigan, United States
Date of Injury: 18 July 2022

Vaccine: Pfizer
Aubrynn went on a school trip in July of 2022, she was picked to attend this school trip due to her personally and how caring she was, she accepted...

Vaccine Injury of Eric A Perez

Florida, United States
Date of Injury: 19 January 2021

Vaccine: AstraZeneca
Dec 22 2020  I received the first Astra Zeneca AZD1222 as part of the AZD1222 Study being held at the Veterans Affairs Administration located ...

Vaccine Injury of Jeana Scott

Washington, US
Date of Injury: 12 September 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
August 20, 2021, I reluctantly and having anxiety over the issue, with my guts on fire and my body shaking, I went to the Pharmacy and signed the C...

Vaccine Injury of NC

Date of Injury: 30 August 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
Got vaccine and immediately developed severe headache, jaw pain, tinnitus in both ears, major burning behind the eyes where I had to wear sunglasse...
Jeff Banta

Vaccine Injury of Jeff Banta

Tennessee, United States
Date of Injury: 14 April 2022

Vaccine: Pfizer
First Pfizer jab July 2021. Second Pfizer jab 3 weeks later. Noticed swelling in my left ankle, decreased range of motion in left ankle, and signif...
Brett Scheuer

Vaccine Injury of Brett Scheuer

New York, United States
Date of Injury: 18 March 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
-March 2021 after 2nd (late evening) fainted and was taken to the ER by ambulance for evaluation. Stoke like symptoms and extremely low blood press...
Frank Davis

Vaccine Injury of Mary Davis

Alabama, United States
Date of Injury: 08 October 2021

Vaccine: Pfizer
On 10/7/21 my wife received the 2nd dose of the Pfizer jab due to a mandate from her employer. She had been working throughout the pandemic and nev...
Christine Austvold

Vaccine Injury of Christine Austvold

Massachusetts, United States
Date of Injury: 03 March 2023

Vaccine: Pfizer
Covid vacine in May 2021 . Sept 2022 contracted Covid and perscribed Nirmatrelvir & Ritonavir Tbpk. Stopped Plaxovid early because of metal tas...
Alexa  Foutch

Vaccine Injury of Alexa Foutch

Illinois, United States
Date of Injury: 28 June 2021

Vaccine: Moderna
June 28th 2021 my whole life changed. I had a upper resp virus and had to go to the hospital. I was very sick. I exhausted all forms of oxygen supp...
Barbara Orandello

Vaccine Injury of Barbara Orandello

Virginia, United States
Date of Injury: 04 March 2021

Vaccine: Moderna
I received my second vaccine on March 3, 2021. On March 4, 2021, 18 hours after my vaccination, I woke with an excruciating pain behind my right ey...
Larry Wood

Vaccine Injury of Larry Wood

Florida, United States
Date of Injury: 01 August 2023

Vaccine: Pfizer
Pfizer Vaccine: Pfizer 1/29/21 and 2/19/21 DOH Lake Co. FL COVID 01/31/21 symptoms 02/03, pos 02/04, neg 02/08 COVID 04/24/22 symptoms, 04/25 posit...

Vaccine Injury of Jake Hendricks

Alabama, United States
Date of Injury: 15 August 2021

Vaccine: Johnson-Johnson
I wired until the military mandated that servicemen take the “vaccine” in August 2021 as I had heard rumors about people getting injured, and I wan...
Shezad Khan

Vaccine Injury of SK

Date of Injury: 13 May 2021

Vaccine: AstraZeneca
That’s when things changed very quickly for me. Initially I lost mobility of my left arm which was causing me a lot of pain. Over the next few mont...