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Patient-Led Research

reAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians. Working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination. 




We know how important it is for providers and patients to work together. Find out how to participate in a collaborative group of scientists and doctors to research and treat vaccine related diseases. This network is confidential ...


REACT19 is dedicated to providing support to those suffering lasting effects from the Covid Vaccines. These individuals need medical care, financial assistance, and research ...

Patients / Volunteer

Help us advocate for patients through getting involved! We are looking for volunteers to help engage in research, IT, patient advocacy and more... 

Our Mission

To collaborate with physicians, researchers and research institutions around the globe in an effort to increase understanding behind the symptoms of those suffering  Post-Covid and/or post Covid vaccines. 


Retrospective Survey

Patient-Led Survey for all patients, Post-Covid or post vaccination. This will evaluate persistent symptoms and how they evolve, improve, or get worse over time. 

Neuropathy Study

IRB approved, HIPAA compliant review consisting of 100 post covid vax patients with diagnosed small fiber neuropathy, confirmed with a SNF skin biopsy test. Must be US resident. Must be able to upload your test results to the researcher's secure server. No compensation, no cost to the participants. No treatment is provided. This study will provide further understanding for the scientific and medical communities of neuropathy post-covid vaccine. 

Coming Soon... 

MRI Study. Evaluate the possible change in imagery of those suffering lasting effects from the Covid vaccines, over time.


Emerging Science

A collection of studies related to all things Covid & Covid Vaccination.