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Tagged with: Psychiatric

Vaccine Injury of M.A. – Arizona

Entry Date: 6/3/21 I got the second Pfizer shot 80 days ago. That night I was unable to sleep at all. The next night was better. Over time I have had a number of nights where I wake up and cannot ...

Vaccine Injury of K.M. – Florida

8/11/21 I am 37 years old, female, no previous health issues. Very active, 2 weeks after my first Moderna vaccine I noticed a twitch in my arms (both). Didn't contribute it to the vaccine. ...

Aisha Wani

Amanda Gibbons

Angela Troxell

Angelika Drake

Bethany Sullivan

Charlotte Voce

Cheryl Bates

Chris Vehar

Christiane Monte

Vaccine Injury of K.R. – Washington

8/11/21 I received my first vaccine on April 13th, 2021 and my second dose on a May 5th, 2021. At this time I was an active snowboarder, going to the mountain every single weekend and as of...

Eileen Rice

Erin Mc

Jason Else

Jerry Petuck

Jon Evans

Jonathan Cancel

Justin Prince

Kathleen Yearwood