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Vaccine Injury of J.Q. – Texas

Vaccine Date: 20 May 2021
7/4/21 My wife and I both took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on May 20th of this year after two days we were both struck with weakness diarrhea brain fog and many other symptoms. Our quality...

Adrian Dravetz

Alexandra Matus

Alicia Jetzer

Vaccine Injury of J.S. – Texas

Vaccine Date: 02 February 2021
6-29-21 On 2/2 I took the Moderna shot. Only 1.....and I have not been healthy since. I have been battling balance issues-at one point using a walker for weeks-and I still cannot walk without ...

Vaccine Injury of M.Z.

Vaccine Date: 14 March 2021
7/1/21 My full disability has been extended to August 16, 2021, or clearance from my medical team. I have still not been cleared to drive and my symptoms have been identified by multiple ...

Vaccine Injury of D.B. – Michigan

Vaccine Date: 01 March 2021
7/3/21 ​I am 65 years old & healthy for my age. While in Florida for the winter I played pickle ball 5 days a week, swam every day & golfed 2 days a week. I received the J & J ...

Amanda Gibbons

Angela Troxell

Vaccine Injury of D.D. – California

Vaccine Date: 01 December 2020
Entry Date: 6/29/21 I’m a respiratory therapist. I received the vaccine first in December and then my second one January 10. After the second shot I ended up with a fever, cough and horrible heada...

Vaccine Injury of F.J. – Florida

Entry Date: 6/29/21 I had slight numbness in my toes for years but 2 months after the vaccine shots I have numbness that has migrated up to my knees. I have brain fog and feel like I'm behind a ...

Vaccine Injury of F.P. – Nova Scotia

Entry Date: 6/25/21 ​Got the Moderna vaccine and within the 15 min wait period took a reaction. My limbs went pins and needles and cold and then I started to shake and got extremely dizzy. My le...

Barbara Daily

Barbara Powell

Bethannie Dolder

Bill Crnokrak

Christian Sax

Christina Kuczora

Vaccine Injury of D.F.

Vaccine Date: 29 March 2021
Entry Date 6/1/21 I took the Moderna march 29th. April 9th my vertigo, mental fog, dizziness, loss my sympathetic regulation (spikes in bp and hr), and led to 5 day hospital stay. Vitals and blo...

Vaccine Injury of S.N. – IOWA

Vaccine Date: 26 March 2021
Entry Date: 5/27/21 I am a 58 year old woman, I have fibromyalgia, migraines, severe allergies and recurring bouts of raised intracranial pressure. I work part time due to my disabilities. I had ...