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Get Financial Assistance

Often, those suffering the longterm effects of the Covid vaccine are also facing financial effects as well. Below are financial resources that may help.

Health Insurance

Contact your insurance directly to discuss payment plans/programs, like a case manager, and other benefits including mental health benefits

(for those who live in states that do not have their own state-based marketplace):
See more on the website >
Ph:  1-800-318-2596

See more on the website >

Contact your hospital or clinic's financial assistance or billing department.

Medication Assistance Programs

RX and Supplement Copay Programs: Before refusing your prescription due to high cost, check with your pharmacist and ask for information on discount or copay programs available your prescription. Thorne Supplement Discount - 30% off GoodRx Singlecare ViiV Healthcare Card IVIG Copay Programs Gammagard OnePath Hizentra Copay Assistance Gammunex Copay for CIDP

Financial Assistance for Food, Housing, and Bills

Get temporary COVID-19 help from government programs to pay rent, funeral expenses, and student loans. Food stamps and federal meal programs also changed their rules to provide extra help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Disability Benefits
Ph:  1-800-772-1213

Financial Assistance
How to Get On

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Imaging Services

Medmo—Medical Imaging Made Easy. Use your insurance or save up to 80% with special self-pay rates.
Visit Medmo

Local Assistance Programs

Each state, and sometimes each county, have different programs and requirements for the programs. Visit your local county and state websites to locate local resources available for:

  • Food Stamps & Food Banks
  • Rent and Utility Relief and Assistance Programs
  • Housing Assistance or Mortgage Deferment Programs
  • Credit Card Deferment Programs
  • Child care Assistance Programs

React19 offers a limited number of grants available.

Please Note

please pursue the following avenues for financial assistance before applying for the React CARE Fund.