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Stories are what bind us together.

Our Mission

React 19 has been instrumental in advocating to obtain acknowledgement and help for the COVID vaccine injured to receive medical care and financial support through the federal vaccine injury programs. The fight is not over.

React19/ Bereaved believes there is a separate, though concomitant, need for those that have lost loved ones to the vaccine.

React 19/Bereaved is proud to provide a platform to come and share our deceased loved one’s stories. We wish to build a community that will mobilize to find the truth and bring recognition and accountability for our loved ones.

Our loved one’s deaths are not rare. We need to be their voice and tell their stories. They cannot be forgotten. Their deaths cannot be normalized. We must stand up and sound the trumpet. We must stand on the right side of truth. We cannot remain silent. We must be the ones to shine the light, bring awareness, and seek justice for the deaths that have occurred.

Help us to do so by joining the bereaved community.
Help us to do so by sharing your story and being counted.
Help us by demanding transparency into the adverse events and failures to act on behalf of the citizenry.

Vaccine Fatality of Michael Alexander Jr.

Date of Injury: 25 October 2021

Approximately around October 25, 2021 was when Michael became ill. He developed sepsis, anemia worsened, breathing became labored, and heart issues...
James Zaretsky

Vaccine Fatality of James Reid Zaretsky

Date of Injury: 09 May 2021

I will explain in facts that I remember. while he received Johnson & Johnson, I got Moderna and was dealing with cognitive issues.  May 1...
Christopher James Goodrich

Vaccine Fatality of Christopher Goodrich

Christopher James GoodrichSupervisor / Full-time employee of Large South Florida Hospital chain 2020 Chris obtained a life insurance policy w...

Vaccine Fatality of Roman Astree

Roman received his first shot 5/20/21. The week before his 2nd shot, he was not feeling well. They gave him the 2nd dose anyway on 6/10/21 (Thursda...
Geoff Y.

Geoff Y.

Arizona, USA
16:00 shot given 16:20 GY was set free to go about the rest of his day18:30 GY was at a friend’s gathering started to not feel well. Headache....
Vaccine Fatality of Mari Q. // Pfizer

Mari Q.

Nevada, USA
Days after second vaccine inoculation my daughter had to stop exercising with her personal trainer because she got dizzy and she vomited right ther...

Tell Their Story

Do you have a loved one who passed due to the COVID vaccine? Register to tell their story. Every voice matters.