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A good practitioner can make all the difference.

React19 recognizes the health care needs of the COVID vaccine injured. We understand that our physical and mental health needs are often met with uninformed and uneducated providers. React19 is dedicated to developing healthcare provider networks that will provide comprehensive, collaborative, and empathetic healthcare for those injured by the COVID vaccine.

React19 is actively involved in collaborating with treating providers across the USA to address the lack of adequate medical care that most individuals injured by the COVID vaccine experience.

Find a Provider

Can’t find what you need here? React19 houses a database of providers not available for public view. Contact us directly to find more providers in your area.

IF you have a provider that you find outstanding so that we can consider adding them to our growing network of “vaccine injured friendly” providers. These can be physicians, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, or other providers.

IF you don't find a practitioner in the list. Many of our networked doctors do not wish to be listed. We can connect you!

IF you haven’t found a local practitioner, React19 has partnered with Remote Health Solutions to provide telehealth for primary medical care. Please see their website at RHS is an outstanding organization that has React19’s endorsement. We have met with their providers and have given them our guidance about the needs of the COVID vaccine injured.

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