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Vaccine Injury of Rachel D

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Prior to the vaccine, I was a healthy, fast-paced, 25 year old in the best shape of my life. I was doing 45 minute HIIT workouts every night, had a full social life, and was able to work 40 hours a week without restrictions.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

March 16th, 2021, a few weeks after my second dose of the Moderna vaccine (Feb 19), I got weird fuzziness in my eyes, which I thought was the start of a migraine. I took medicine and still got a headache. The fuzziness didn’t go away. The next day, it was the same thing, but earlier in the day. March 18th I got another headache. Was exhausted, nauseous, lightheaded and went home early from work. The next day, I was still feeling fatigued but tried to do a workout (previously, I had done a HIIT workout daily). My heart rate became tachycardic and I had a headache and fatigue all day. It continued the next day. On Sunday, I was kneeling in church and went to stand. I became tachycardic, lightheaded, nauseous, and got a headache immediately. Later that day I went for a walk at a slow pace and immediately became tachycardic, short of breath and had chest pain. I called my PCP who suggested a visit Tuesday. Initially, the NP who saw me ordered a stress test and did a ECG while I was laying which was normal. I felt lightheaded all day and occasionally blacked out but did not pass out. She suggested it was POTS related to the vaccine. I noted at that appointment that doing simple tasks getting out of bed, showering, and stairs all worsened my symptoms. On April 2nd I had a stress test which showed slight abnormalities. I was having continuous headaches at this point and abnormal heart rate with change in position or activity. My headaches continued so they scheduled an MRI April 30 which was unremarkable. I was then referred to a neurologist. While waiting for my neurology appointment, my symptoms remained the same: daily, constant headaches; tachycardia; chest pain, vision issues, lightheadedness, extreme fatigue to the point I could not drive home after work, and dizziness. All symptoms worsened with exercise. My neurologist was able to recommend vitamins to help with headaches but referred me back to my PCP because of my many other symptoms. My PCP referred me to a cardiologist after testing for POTS. My cardiologist ran me through a series of tests: Echocardiogram, 24-hour urine analysis, blood work, lung function test, and heart monitor. Many of my tests came back with slight abnormalities but nothing conclusive. At a follow up appointment in November 2021, I was diagnosed with POTS and Dysautonmia. Many of my health care providers believe it to be related to the vaccine. I had never tested positive for Covid or had any symptoms prior to having all these symptoms start. I did test positive January 2022. But my symptoms have not changed as a result. As I have improved in some areas, others seem to be getting worse. My current issues are chest pain, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme itchiness, pain in joints, constant pain, brain fog, occasional headaches, chest pain, random tachycardia, temperature dysregulation, and fatigue. It took me two years, but I am followed by the POTS clinic at Hopkins who have suggested I have neurogenic orthostatic intolerance, an autoimmune issue, and potentially MCAS.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

-slow gentle return to exercise (supine and sitting activities and gradual increase in exertion)
-Magnesium and B2 for headaches
-midodrine for fatigue
-modifying diet for stomach issues
-change in lifestyle - more periods of rest
-work restriction to allow for more periods of hydration and snacking

Which solutions were not helpful?

-I tried several medications for my stomach and IBS that have been unhelpful

What would you like others to know?

-Working out made the biggest difference for me and being consistent with it. Learning how to be active, but be gentle with my body and listen to what it needs.
-You are not alone and you know your body the best! Even if doctors' think you're crazy advocate for yourself!

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