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Vaccine Injury of Michael Tokar

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Life was great, I would train every morning. Either swim or run and bike at night or the weekends. I had 4 full Ironmans, to many to count half ironmans, full marathons and many other long endurance events. I would usually pick a charity like MS or Cystic Fibrosis and raise money and support those groups. Was very motivated with work and family.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Was training for a full ironman in mid April of 2021, I completed a half in the end of march for training. Got the shot on 4/9/21. All down hill from there, it started that night with severe head pressure and head aches. Then continued all week where I couldn't take it any more and went to ER, they tested for Lyme and other things. Nothing showed up. Gave me a head ache cocktail and went home. The pain in the base of the head neck area was horrible, the headaches would move around all day, extreme eye pressure and I really thought I wouldn't be around much longer. I wasn't sleeping and and when I did it wasn't long due to pain. About a week and half after shot I woke up at 2 am and my right side of my face was hanging down. I thought i may have had a stroke. My wife rushed me to ER and it was Bells Palsy, after cat scans and testing nothing showed up. They recommended for me to see a neurologist. Went there and they sent me for brain mri's and all that prescribed meds to help take the pain and let me sleep at night, months went by i had many appointments things were getting worse, besides the pain extreme depression set in. I really thought with the weird feelings I was having I wasn't gonna last much longer had extreme shaking in the hands and high blood pressure and now when I looked down I could send electric shocks down my back to my toes. Lhermitte was now something I was dealing with. When I looked up to long it felt like I was going to pass out. Dr ordered a lumbar puncture, the results showed extreme high levels of proteins. So the Dr thought I may have CIDP and ordered Gamunex-C 3 days a month infusion to try and help. Now 6-8 months have gone by or more and had struggled daily but continued to get out of bed and go to work. Thank God I wasn't still a carpenter. I'm really not sure if the treatment helped me physically or just a bit mentally. I was on tons of meds also. One night I was sitting at my desk and my left side went into paralysis and i fell out of my chair and was trying to dial 911 with my right hand, I'm left handed so that wasn't easy. I thought maybe that was it. I never have experienced anything like it. After a few minutes that seemed like eternity I got feeling back in all the left side and chest loosened up, I was soaked though from sweating for some reason and scared to death. Hospital checked for strokes and such and non. During these many months I would get scary sensations in my spinal cord during the day. Forgot to mention blood pressure was extremely high waking up and was put on 2 meds for it. After many infusion I was refereed to the Cleveland Clinic to see if they could nail down what the hell was going on. Now when I looked down I could heat my back. Yup I could heat my entire back would get extremely hot. My gait was getting worse and depression was getting worse. Thought many of times not to continue. New Dr at CC ordered another lumbar test and EMG, along with tons of blood work. The results he thought now showed MS and not CIDP. So he recommended me to the Mellen Center which is the MS clinic in Cleveland. They said to stop the infusion of gamunex-c and start their plan. Walking was getting worse along with the depression and now burning from the belly down the legs. Was extremely uncomfortable living now and going on 2.5 years. Started having bladder issues and overheating, the skin of the legs cant touch each other , extreme neuropathy in both feet. They started me on Kesimpta which is a DMT for MS, after 6 months or more i had my 6 month mri and it showed new lesions and active ones. That med wasn't working so they started me on Ocrevus infusions every 6 months. After the first 6 months no new lesions or active ones were visible however my walking is bad, the burning in the legs have not gotten better and i continue to suffer. I did file a CICP with HHS in June of 2021 and of course gotten no where. Extremely tired all the time and yearn to go to bed as early as possible. Thank God my adult children seen what happened to me and refused to get the shot. I have a exact timeline of events since day 1

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

LDN, Xanax for sleep , prayer and family support

Which solutions were not helpful?

Heat, cold

What would you like others to know?

Hang in there, hopefully the truth will come out someday. Remember we were lied to next time at the polls and how companies forced workers to get the shot.

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