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Adrian Dravetz

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

26-Year-old strong healthy young male. Was very active, worked a very busy demanding job. Never had any health issues in my life.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

About 2 weeks after I had sudden heart palpitations, chest pain/tightness, dizziness, extreme fatigue. I found out that I had developed Myocarditis from the vaccine. I also developed a neuromuscular issue, my left arm/hand where I got the vaccine started shaking/twitching uncontrollably and lost strength in that arm. I felt some strange neurological issues that I can't describe. None of the doctors or emergency staff would report my reaction.

I was promised the vaccine was safe and effective, and that I should take the vaccine to "Stop the spread of COVID-19:" Little did I know that that was all a big lie, now we have learned they never even tested the vaccine against transmission, and we are all still getting sick and transmitting COVID-19. I was young and healthy and would have never taken this experimental vaccine, had I been given the truth about safety and effectiveness.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

ibuprofen Colchicine

What would you like others to know?

I feel like we were all lied to. I took the vaccine not because I was worried about severe illness from COVID, I took it because it was advertised to stop the spread of COVID-19 and therefore it would protect my older parents, grandparents etc. and that it would get rid of covid, and return are lives to normal without restrictions. I am shocked to learn now that these vaccines were never even tested to prevent transmission, and none of the side effects are being honestly reported and shared with the public. There was never any warning to me that any of this could happen to me, I learned the hard way. There is such a long list of terrible side effects and it's so wrong that you have to hear those stories from real life people, yet you don't hear about it from the Government and mainstream media, as well as many of the doctors who have been pressured not to speak against the vaccine. Now it has been almost a year and a half since my vaccine injury and I continue to suffer, I am not even able to walk a short distance without getting chest pains and extreme fatigue. I cannot exercise at all; I cannot live my life. I have lost my job and everything else because of the Pfizer vaccine. The healthcare system and government have left me with little or no support through this injury and time of suffering, they have no explanation as to why I am feeling this way still so long after. They have censored and deleted my social media posts all along when I try and share my story with others. They have left me to suffer in silence. I can't even speak freely about my injury. My message to others would be not to take this vaccine if you are young and healthy because there's zero benefit. You are still going to get covid and get sick and transmit covid. More importantly, there are serious life altering side effects from this vaccine. Go on and live your life, forget about COVID and do not take the "vaccine". I have had all my other standard vaccines throughout my life and never had any problem, until this new experimental MRNA method.
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