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React19 and the Covid Vaccine Injured Lobby in Washington D.C. for Patient’s Rights

React19, along with 18 COVID-19 vaccine-injured and bereaved families, representing over 20,000 COVID vaccine injured in the U.S., held meetings in Washington D.C. with over 30 bipartisan senators and representatives to discuss the broken Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP) funds, as well as the need for adequate monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events with ICD-10 codes. React19 also met with Food and Drug Administration director of the Center of Biologics Evaluation and Research Peter Marks to present first-hand accounts to the FDA, and address concerns raised by the vaccine-injured to Dr. Marks and Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock over the last 18 months.    “The agencies have not disclosed these problems,” React19 co-chair Brianne Dressen said said. “It starts with acknowledgement.” FDA Director Peter Marks replied, "We don’t have any secrets here. Our goal is to make the public understand the benefits and risks of these vaccines.” Over the last 1.5 years React19, with both medical and scientific researchers, have provided the FDA with supporting documents, active studies, comprehensive analytic data, and surveys to illustrate the need for further investigation.   If there is nothing to hide, why not release the raw data and adhere to the FDA’s mission to be transparent? Why not release the clinical trial data and the non-public VAERS database? Why not disclose the NIH research on the injured?  “They rely so strongly on the flawed and failing VAERS system that they fail to identify and evaluate safety signals that other countries are now identifying,” React19 co-chair Joel Wallskog M.D. commented after the call. “There is clear evidence the FDA and CDC struggle to follow up on VAERS serious adverse events and death reports. Our patient reported data shows 11% follow-up for serious adverse events and just 20% for death reports. Follow-up for each of these groups should be 100%.”    While we understand and acknowledge the COVID-19 vaccines have played a role in quelling the severity of the pandemic, we also understand that all pharmaceuticals come with risk. The government is obligated to ensure people harmed are taken care of. However, existing government programs are broken, time is running out for those suffering, and help is needed promptly. In addition to remedies for compensation programs, we actively seek research, medical recognition, and agency accountability.  CICP/VICP Compensation

  • COVID-19 vaccines are unfortunately excluded from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP); The Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP) has yet to pay out on a single claim for COVID vaccine injury.  
  • CICP/VICP details, congressional reports, etc. can be found here:

  Recognition by the Health Agencies

  • Without recognition we do not exist, we cannot access appropriate medical care, disability, or other support that we desperately need. Our lives are literally depending on it. 
  • ICD-10 codes do not yet exist in the U.S., but exist in Europe and with the World Health Organization.

  Call for Investigation/Accountability

  • Call for an investigation into continued lack of proper investigation of adverse events by the health agencies despite repeated calls for help, including why the vaccine-injured were flown into the NIH for research over a year ago. 

  Who We Are: We are an independent, grassroots organization created by patients who are suffering lasting – and in some cases, severe, life-altering effects from COVID and COVID vaccination, with little to no help due to lack of acknowledgement and denial of the harms from the health agencies. This has greatly restricted our ability to receive adequate medical care, disability, and financial support through federal vaccine injury programs.   

Photos and supplemental media available upon request.

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    04 October 2022
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