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Lit Review: CFS and Dysautonomia after Covid Vaccination

04 November 2023

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German researchers find possible biosignature for “Post Vax Syndrome” using auto-antibody and inflammatory labs.

The clinical picture referred to by the scientists as post-acute COVID-19 vaccination syndrome (PACVS) is very similar to ME/CFS, Pots and MCAS, but study results show PACVS can be distinguished from them.
So-called GPCR autoantibodies were examined as potential diagnostic markers, as well as two interleukins as inflammatory markers. Learn more about the role of GPCRs here and post vaccination research here.

Manuscript can be found HERE.

3 study groups were evaluated: healthy before vaccination, healthy 6 months after Covid mRNA vaccination, and patients reporting Post-Acue Covid-19 Vaccination Syndroms (PACVS) 6 months after after Covid mRNA vaccination.

Study results show that the test results in patients with "Post Vax Syndrome" were significantly statistically different from the control groups.

The most significant differences were found in the following:

  • Increased angiotensin II type 1 receptor antibodies
  • Decreased alpha-2B adrenergic receptor antibodies
  • Increased IL-6
  • Increased IL-8 (not evaluated in the control group)

These markers are associated with cardiovascular regulation and are often seen in dysautonomia patients. 

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Interestingly, the antibody levels of healthy vaccinated patients also show a clear reaction after vaccination; a non-pathological adaptation of the antibodies to vaccination. This pattern does not seem to happen in PACVS patients.

Study Limitations: Study only included the mRNA vaccines. Participants with certain pre-existing conditions were excluded. In addition, participants taking certain medications that could influence the results were excluded.

The results are only a snapshot. Time, attempts at therapy and previous illnesses can have an influence on the symptoms.

The autoantibodies were determined by CellTrend in Germany.

Congratulations to the leading German vaccine injury advocacy organization,, for playing a vital role in getting this paper published.