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Vaccine Injury of Sean Ryan

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a happily married outdoorsman, a previous d1 athlete with no medical issues of note. My wife and I had recently become pregnant, and out of an abundance of caution and against my better judgement, I made the decision to get vaccinated.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I experienced multiple full Sudden Cardiac Death (Cardiac Arrest, not a heart attack) three days following my second dose of Moderna. I have no memory of the events or days following my injection on Friday, beyond fragments that have come back during these past two years. These events have been relayed to me by my friends, family, and numerous medical teams that brought me back.

My injection was on Friday after work, and I spent the next two days complaining of feeling unwell and with a sore arm. On Monday morning I awoke for work, complaining of digestive issues. According to my wife, I left for work and then immediately returned home five minutes later to use the bathroom. I arrived to work late, and went about my daily tasks without incident, save complaining of an upset stomach. Around 1100, I told my supervisor I was going to lunch early, hoping food would calm my stomach, and was directed to check on an on-going project with him before leaving. Halfway across the parking lot to the staging area my speech became disjointed, and I collapsed in full cardiac arrest. My supervisor and longtime friend immediately called 911 and began CPR. He was joined by the project foreman, and the two of them delivered rescue breaths and compressions until they were joined by a Monroe Police Officer who also helped deliver CPR. An ambulance arrived with an AED and the crew began administering cardioversion therapy. Every time I would achieve ROSC I would stabilize for a few minutes and then immediately arrest. This continued while I was transported to Providence Everett, where I continued to arrest. My father, the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery for Providence and Swedish arrived, and the decision was made to transport me to Swedish Hospital in Seattle, where I was to be placed on ECMO. I continued to crash at Swedish, but was successfully placed on ECMO around 0300, June 8th. I experienced over twenty arrests during the first eighteen hours.

I regained consciousness that Thursday, and by the next day it was determined that my myocarditis has subsided and I was no longer in danger of sudden cardiac death. By this point my cardiac care team had run every test available, from drug screens to STD panels, all the way to structural tests, and every single one came back negative for any indicators as why I had collapsed. The doctors all agreed that my arrests were a direct result of the Moderna vaccine, and I was directed to avoid any and all Covid vaccinations and boosters going forward. I was implanted with a SIC-D and discharged the following week.

On September 3rd, about three months following my first series of arrests, I again arrested at work while at my desk, and was revived by my SIC-D. I was transported to Swedish in Seattle, where I again arrested that afternoon. I was placed on a high dose of antiarrhythmics, and discharged the following day. On September 10th, I fell back into ventricular tachycardia, and I had my wife drive me to Swedish in Seattle, where I was stabilized and kept overnight for observation. The following morning I arrested for the third time, and was again revived by my SIC-D.

That next year I was stable and recovering well, going so far as to be deemed fit to ween off my meds. I applied to be a police officer, and after passing the physical evaluations was beginning interviews at various local departments. Around 2200 hours, December 24th, 2022, I was relaxing with my family, when I again felt myself lapse into VT. I called 911 and was again transported to Swedish hospital in Seattle. I arrested again on December 25th, around 0200 in the morning. I was revived by my SIC-D, and my meds were all reinstated. After another PET Scan following my discharge, it was discovered the cardiovascular inflammation had returned, and I was placed on an aggressive corticosteroid regimen for the next six months. Another PET was performed, again showing active inflammation, and again I was placed on another aggressive corticosteroid regimen. That ended just a week or so ago.

To date, I have had over $1.5M in medical bills, which I have had to fight with my insurance company for them to pay for. Currently, I have been paying for medicines and medical bills, and although I am stable, there is no light on the horizon.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

CBD and quinidine (antiarrhythmic)

Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

I did not have any previous medical conditions, nor do I have any familial or history of cardiovascular disease. My medical teams have exhaustively tested me and determined that this was a direct result of the Moderna Vaccine.

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