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Vaccine Injury of Hannah Sparks

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Life before the covid vaccine and various injuries, was otherwise great. I was 25 and in graduate school and had a part time job, I lost my mother due to covid after a stroke landed her in the nursing home and covid hit the nursing homes pretty hard in NY, my moms was one of the ones that accepted infected patients into their facility without telling us and she passed away the same week April 2020. I was afraid of getting covid too and I was very careful. Then my graduate school on NY made it a request to enter campus and be a registered student so I had to get the the first two pfizer vaccines. Then less than 6 months later my job made it a requirement in order to keep working. I had a reaction to the first two doses and tried to get exempt but I couldn't. So that 3rd booster put my immune system in overdrive and I had brachial neuritis that was misdiagnosed and I ended up paralyzed on the right side of my body Like I had a stroke too only I wouldn't be able to talk or type if that was true. I had to have multiple nerves surgeries and will need more in order to regain function of my limbs and live a normal life if that's even possible with the amount of pain I'm in from the paralysis.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Dr Tim Tollestrup peripheral nerve surgeon gave me my function and hope back after every other Dr said my paralysis is in my head when my brain scan didn't show a stroke and they clearly didn't want to imply the covid vaccine did this to me.

What would you like others to know?

The Dr that restored my nerve function could help you, Dr tim tollestrup

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