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Vaccine Fatality of James Reid Zaretsky

  • Date of Death:
    July 11, 2021
  • Age at Death:

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I will explain in facts that I remember. while he received Johnson & Johnson, I got Moderna and was dealing with cognitive issues. 

May 1, 2021- Jamie received J&J shot.

May 9, 2021- He mentioned he wasn't feeling well, maybe getting a cold, feeling tired, body felt weird. 

This continued on, slowly his symptoms worsened. He believed it was due to stress at work and the high demand of incoming clients. And he was stressed over this. 

He looked like he was gaining weight in his stomach. Complained of feeling bloated all the time. Weird pains in his left shoulder. Dizzy, hard to catch his breath (this was when we had a heat wave in Seattle, it was over 105 degrees for many days). He was not sleeping well- said he felt like he couldn't breathe when he laid down. Had to sleep propped up on pillows. Our house was extremely hot (no air conditioning). 

In late June, bruises started showing. He had a HUGE bruise on his stomach to which he said he did that at work. Then the pain in his ribs- he was moving large sheets of aluminum and twisting his body. He believed he pulled a muscle in his ribs. it was making it hard to take in a deep breath. 

There are many other small things I should have noticed, I should have had him go to hospital sooner, I should have paid closer attention on his health. He never got sick, nor did he have any medical issues. But I will skip forward to July 5, 2021.

In the evening of July 5, 2021 I finally convinced him to go to ER. He was bending over to put socks on and almost passed out. I helped him to couch and called 911. 

Paramedics came and assessed him, they believed it was a pulled muscle in his ribs too and took him to Northwest Hospital in Seattle. 

This is part is hard for me- 

When I got back to his room in ER, he was laughing and joking with doctors and nurses. I walked in when the doctor was looking at a scan of his lungs and I remember the doctor saying "Oh my god". 

The doctor saw double massive plumery embolisms in his lungs and immediately asked what covid vaccine he got-

Jamie answered "J&J". 

The doctor said "I believe you are 1 in 100,000 who has a reaction to the vaccine causing blood clots."

They were going to do more X-rays but when the technician came in and reclined his bed, he started having breathing problems. 

He was yelling "I CAN'T BREATH, I CAN'T BREATHE"

They gave him heparin, and within 20 seconds he was yelling "I'M DYING, I'M DYING"

Over an over again. I was standing at the end of his bed holdings foot.

Then he dropped on the bed. He died.

After 40 minutes of CPR, they got a heart beat. 

He was in a coma and on life support for 6 day before they told me he was brain dead. I took him off life support on July 11, 2021. 

I had his DNA tested and he did NOT carry the gene that causes blood clotting. 

My life has forever been changed.

How would you like your loved one to be remembered?

James (Jamie), was a busy man running his own outdoor signage company he built by himself. He was social, outgoing, artistic, detail oriented and most importantly, healthy.

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  • Johnson & Johnson Vaccine:
    01 May 2021
  • Injury Date:

    09 May 2021
  • State/Region:

  • Country:


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