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React19 Patient-Led Research: Persistent Symptoms Survey #1

27 May 2022

Patient-led survey of people experiencing persistent neurological symptoms after COVID vaccination Our first patient-led survey consisted of 508 participants who were suffering lasting neurological symptoms post COVID vaccination. This survey focused on demographics, symptoms, and outlook. We found that the majority of participants were women aged 35-45 with a wide range of debilitating symptoms. Most people reacted from the first dose while all brands led to neurological issues. Outcomes and prognosis were mixed and need further investigation and follow-up.  Themes such as symptom patterns were further explored in our subsequent survey on persistent symptoms. We at React19 believe that active monitoring of vaccine safety signals is essential.  Patients deserve informed consent and a healthcare system that follows the principles of medical ethics.  We call on international health authorities to further investigate potential harms from the COVID vaccines.  

COVID Vaccine Persistent Symptoms Survey