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Impact Study

21 April 2023

The Impact Study is a study designed to better understand the neurocognitive impact of those suffering from spike-induced disease.

The study will conduct an online survey, review previous labs assessed and present these findings with IRB approval. The study will have three groups of participants: Long-Covid, Long-Covid vaccine injured, and healthy controls.

Phase 1 - Neurocognitive

Asses the neurocognitive effects in 3 study groups. Post-Covid, Post-Covid vaccination, and healthy controls. For this 1st phase of the IRB approved study, the estimate cost is $225k.

Phase 2 - Biomarkers

Biomarkers study is to look for potential postitive labs in Post-Covid and Post-Covid vaccination groups, and compare to healthy controls. The cost for this 2nd phase of the study is $1.9 million.

These types of studies only happen due to independent funding. Donations from everyday people can add up to help launch these important research initiatives.

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