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Vaccine Injury of Teresa Porter

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was an independent, single , thriving , truck driver.  I made decent money and had a comfortable existence  I worked 8-10-12-14 hours a day six days a week.  I huled mud products to the oil field in Wyoming,  then hauled gravel for the  hot plant here in Santa Rosa California.  I recently moved out here from Wyoming, to be closer to my family (grandchildren).  Every minute that i was  off work, i was with them.  I was getting to know them and they lit up like Christmas trees when i would pull up.  That made me feel so good.  I live an hour away from them. I would go out to eat often alone or with my family.  I was a quilter and could (then ) make a quilt in a day.  I also am a furniture artist.  Turning older furniture into something unique and appealing.  I was actually very good at both hobbies.  I enjoyed those past times a lot.  I have two rescue cats and i used to feed them well and bought toys for them and regular medical care.  Then I turned my patio into a catio.  Life was good and i afforded myself  and family comfort.  I bought Christmas presents for everyone , mainly the grands.  I went to birthday parties and showed up with gifts for the kiddos. i filled my gas tank up at the fuel station.  my credit score was about 750.  all my credit cards had zero balance.  I had money in the bank.  I had no problem paying my bills.  My car was registered and i was insured,.  I would get my hair done and purchase the things i need such ad garbage bags, hygiene, cat food, cat litter. I paid my rent.   I got along with my family and life was good..  Since I have been vaccinated (third Moderna ) I have only seen my family three times in the last two years, we have tension between us because, they feel the vaccine didnt hurt them, so they dont think it hurt me.  I have almost been homeless because inability to pay my rent, my bills.  my car has not had registration in 7 months and no insurance, yet I need my car to get to all the doctors appts,  Theres been times when i couldnt even feed my cats.  I had tried to introduce them to human food so I can feed them on food stamps, but they just wont have anything to do with it. I got free sandbags from the county and used them for cat litter.  I even thought about rehoming them because they deserve better then what i currently have to offer.I cant quilt (couldnt see and still cant see)  no furniture art, cant see.  cant drive a semi, ive got forth optic nerve palsy rendering me visually impaired (seeing double) cant even afford garbage bags' stayed home and cried Christmas and Easter, because I couldn't afford anything for my Grands.  I am embarrassed.  I know its not about that.  But I didn't want to see excitement in their eyes wondering what I was going to bring them and showing up with nothing.  not to mentions i don't even go there because it has been too far for my eye condition.  When the double vision is triggered, I cant much, certainly not drive. Maxed out my credit card to survive and couldn't pay them back, my credit score is very low currently.  haven't gotten my hair done.  My cat got real sick and I took him in and had no way to pay so I left with him not even being seen.  i felt like they needed a better home.  I had been in serious pain and in my nerves, mainly my hands and arms and it has been horrible, and at times i felt like giving up because i just couldn't take the pain anymore.  I spend about 80% of my time trying to not hurt.  trying to be in a tolerant state and not at a level  10 on the pain scale. It is getting worse and i seriously dont know how much more I can take.  all appointments are too far out and i have been like this too too long and still don't know what the solution is.  I've had two eye surgeries to no avail.  in fact the second surgery, three of the stitches that were sewn to the back of my eye muscles, popped loose and came all the way through my eyeball and poked out the front. That sucked because it poked and scratched my eye lids so bad.  It was horrible.  i have proof of all this, because i went to the emergency room.  Some proof what I have been going through even I have a hard time comprehending.  my hands the nerves and circulation hurt so bad that most times i can not even touch anything.  Rendering my hands useless =, but with extreme pain,  they are so asleep that they are vey painful.  they are not getting oxygen of blood or something as ell.  They feel like they are literally suffocating .  So before the covid vaccine i could see and I had the use of my hands.  after vaccine I lost the use of both.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

1st covid vaccine- 4-14-21, 2nd covid vaccine 5-12-22, 3rd covid vaccine w/ flu vaccine 11-19-21.  I was a willing to do my duty as an American and get vaccinated.  I didnt listen to all the drama surrpounding the covid vaccine and how fast they rolled it out.  I jsut know that i was willing to do my part and if getting vaccinated kept my grands safe, then so be it.  I went to the doctors office for a rash that day.  I was light hearted because Thanksgiving weekend was here and id get a couple of days off work and extra time with the fam.  my doctoor said that i was due for a vax and a flu vax and if I wanted they were giving them out in the lobby.  I thought sure why not.  I got both vaccines and got back to my semi to finnesh the day.  By the time I picked up my next laod (within an hour) my bones were aching and I was declining fast.  I started to feel like crap, chills and achess.  My boss said to go home.  i did.  By time I got home I was almost delerious.  went straight to my bed with my clothes on.  from tha point on I was in and out of consciousness.  I kmew i had a high fevefr, and I was too weak to find my phone. I remember feeling afraid and helpless.  I kept waking , i was soaking wet and hot, very hot.  too weak to get my clothes off.  I live alone.  at some point i got up because i had to throw up and my bowels were going to give.  I was sitting on the toilet, and had face in trash can.  in between throwing up I remember looking into the bath tub.  There  was a couple of hairs in there and they appeared to be floating above the tub surface.  I reached down and to my amazement the hairs were flush with the tub surface, however looking at them they appeared to be floating still.  I knew I had a tempeture and thought I was in trouble, my tempeture had me deleroious.  I was to weak to find phone and call for help.  I dont know i beleive i laid like that for two days and nights.  my boss called me and I found phone.  I toild him I was scared and really sick.  I called my primary and talked to someone there and told them that I was very sick.  i was told to get plenty of rest.  day three I got up and could bearly muster up the strength to stand up.   I talked tp my daughter and she wanted me there so she can keep an eye on me.  it took me another 24 hours before i could  get there and When I did, i stepped of the grass onto the sidewalk and down i went, I heard a crack.  my leg was in sharp pain. I misjudged a very tiny step ,.my depth perception was off.  had to go to hospital bcause  my leg was swollen. on 11-24-21  i broke my leg.  ( so i had been in bed from the 19th thru the 24th) they gave me crutches and i tried to take a step using them and started crying because i was too weak to take a step with cruthches.  i didnt have the strenth.    I didnt know how i was going to get anywhere.  my son in law got me a scooter.  one that you put your knee on and scoot.  I fell about thirty something more times while using that scooter.   I was very weak, shortness of breath, very very fatiqued,. I couldnt take 4-5 steps without getting so hot my body would be drenched in sweat,  I would be red faced, I would start dry heaving and I would have to stand there until I could regain the strength,  to take another 5 steps. I had to carry a bag whrere ever I went , just to dry heave in.  I wasnt throwing up but the dry heaves where so violent that I did not trust it. I was sick like this from November 19th, until late march 2022; all the while on a non weight bearing broken leg.  I couldnt drive a semia sn had to go on disability until I was cleared.  I had just moved into my own apartment in October, so I was taken on full independance and resposabilities.  I thought I was going to be down a few weeks.  I had no idea it would take myu leg three months to heal.  Suring the time my leg was healing and I was still very sick, I would notice things woudld appear strange: like i would see a nail in the wall where apicture was supposed to be, except the nail would not be in the wall, it wojld be   hovering or floating in froint of the wall.  not touching it what so ever.  logicly I knew that could not be the case.  I would blink and rub my eyes trying to clear my vision to no avail.  I would think " what is going on with me" I would look at the TV and the TV would split into two.  the tvs would be sitting at a forty five degree angle from each other.  I mentioned it to someone and they looked at me like i was crazy. I learned to avoid the TV and becarefull what I say to whom. These episodes where becoming more and more frequent and I knew I had better make an eye appointment.   Let me not forget to mention the shoulder. my left shoulder started radiating pain.  Sort of an electric pain.  inerve pain. t started about end of December2021. it would be down my shoulder blade, under my arm pit and it wasnt going away.  I had a difficut time finding releif from this and it would be intense it slowly  started to   creep down my arm and suddenly in both arms and hands.  My neck on both sides hase been in pain since december /january 2021.  I developed two very stiff spots . another thing that was taking place is my body would feel like it was vibrating.  and it still does.  the vibrationg would be painful,  the vibratin seemed toagrivate everything else.  My first of many visitsto the  eye doctor was about January -  Febuary. 2022 . He checked my eyes and and called it Diplothia and or stenosis.  Told me to give it a couple months to  see if it would fix itself. When I cam back this had only prpgressed.  He said he thought I might of had a stroke, but he coulnt see any evidence of it.  He contacted my primary doctoer and they ordered a CT scan and an MRI.  It took m onths to get those scans .They eye docter then said he did not want me to drive a semi and he didnt want me todoanything.  Ileft in shock.  truck driving was my livleyhood.  I was also referred to a nuerologist.  the nurologist did some tests and confirmed that i had double vision. Heck I could of told him that.  Meanwhile the bad vision was progressing. `

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

There is so much unknown.  It would be helpful for doctors to listen.  this has been a very hard thin to convey to others and some things may make sense and some things may not.  I think all details are a clue. Also it should not take so long to get an appointment or an MRI.  and thongs like that.  we need help before things progress and get much worse.  I know disability takes a long time, that needs to change.  I shouldn't be sotting here hungry and threats of my electric, and internet, and phone getting shut off every month and me fighting and pleading with them to keep it on.  That stress alone has aggravated my already messed up nervous system.:  I shouldn't have the threat of homeless ness , when all I was doing was "my part",I was paying taxes and living life right.  I didn't do this and it is of no fault of my own.  my government did this in collaboration with big Pharma, mi. NOT EVEN MAD, BUT THEY SHOULD BE HELPING ME THROUGH THIS.  I've BEEN DENIED DISABIITY TWICE its their standard method of operating, I go for my third hearing this month , and the stress of fighting for it aggravated my wounded nerves.  covid vaccine injury is not on their list. well here i am debilitated barley wipe my butt, get it on your list please .And please don't hassle me  bout it.  its clear i need it and i can not afford the fight.  Family member, please for gods sake keep you judgmental bs to yourself.  just because it didn't effect you negatively doesn't mean anything to do with me.  I am sick i am scared, and because nobody knows much makes even scarier.  It hurts like hell and the last thing i need is my feeling to hurt as we,, To the  government.  can yo please be more transparent, can you acknowledge that this is happing .because everywhere hear you say how safe the vaccine it, i get hurt by you even more, and i am your people.  accountability goes a long way, create a program that helps us right now so we don't become hungry and homeless as well that's only fair.  and still, I'm not mad about it.  I just don't like how its being handled.  Those things would help.  Thank you for asking. Doctors that are informed about vaccine injuries.  Doctors that take adverse effects seriously.  test and exploration as to your condition.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Feeling  as if I was the only one adversely effected.  Not seeing anything about people and adverse effects in mainstream.  Family doubting ou based on their own experiances. Waiting way too long in between MRIs And appointments and such, giving adverse effects an opportunity to cause damage. Having to research on your own to find others AND TO FURTHER RESEARCH in order to know what to do 

and what papers to fill out in order to get he;lp.  Pubic awareness.  People think that since they are not hearing about it there fore ot must not be.  Can we talk about social security /disability. Im well over twp years into this.  i go to my third and final hearing. ive been denied two times and it is so  clear that i need it.I hVE Hd no income for months.  i get food stamps anf tat barley gets me

S.S.  needs to make getting those resorses and a government issue vaccine that caused injury, those people need to be fast tracked. Support needs to be available, and that support needs to be on billbords etc,Although my doctors have been supportive, they are now at a place were they do not know what to do, things have esculated, pain has gotten worse and its there at all times, now is the time were they need to know wht todo, tey need to know what thers are doing that shows possiotive results.all medical professionals need to cndut a workshop and be taught the things that need tpo be done on a patient effect by the vaccine.  i have deteriated and am in such pain that i have literally considered ending my life. i am not saying that to raise lt this halarms.  i am saying that to illustrate how difficult it has been.  there  needs to be a debt relief that lets vax adverse effected people debt be put on hold, until they arfe well.  i will speak for my self, i dint ask for this vax, infact out governor mandated it.  I got , vax because i am an American, and i felt it was my dam duty to do my part in conquring this thing.please please a;; pf you government people, please quit making large statments about how safe it is.  I cringe, it is not safe, or it would not  have done this to me.  it injured me,for what ever reason, it did

it really mesed me up and i would have liked to make an informed decision b,sed on facts. Me the people need transparency from you, when it come to me, okay.  something that would be a good thing, is an apologie, acknowledge that this is a real thing.  May not have been your intention, but you injured me,plwase value me enough to ownm your crap, help me if i need it, and  do everything you can to kkeep future vaxers safe, we are your people

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