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M.M. – Virginia

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


48 hours after getting the Pfizer shot I was in the ER with heart rate of 125, BP 190/90, Swelling and tightening of tongue and throat, chills, uncontrollable trembling, heat flashing and pins and needle shocks all over, I also have muscles tightening in legs and numbness at back of my head. I was in the ER twice in January 48 hours after shot and at my doctor every day that week. It has been six months and I am still seeing a neurologist for trembles, leg spasms and numbness at the back of my head. I have gone from a healthy senior who was at the gym 3 times a week to someone that has trouble doing normal activities. I had a heart monitor for 30 days, had 3 EKGs, had my legs scanned for blood cots and still under the care of a neurologist! The CDC had deserted us and is constantly moving and changing the site to make it difficult to report my issues. I know I was near death and they do not want anyone to know the dangers with the shot. I am angry with the WHO, CDC, and government involvement in our medical data!

- M.M. Virginia

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