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L.C. – Oregon

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


​I had no health issues prior to the vaccine. I received the Pfizer Vaccine in January and two weeks later in February. Within 5 days my heart beat started to miss like every 3rd beat. It felt like an elevator dropping, or shortness of breath. Soon my heart was beating at only 35 beats per minute, half of where it is normally. I had tunnel vision from sitting. standing I had to hold on to something. Went to the ER where I was hooked up. They couldn't see anything but my Blood Pressure was above 190/100. They ""Slammed"" it down with an injection of something. I continued to have a missing beat and often lasting for many hours, including while sleeping, it would wake me. After the second dose of Vaccine, within days I was again struggling to remain conscious. I checked my pulse and I couldn't feel one. I pounded on my chest to make my heart beat. It seemed to work, my wife took me to the ER again and again they didn't find anything. I was given a Zio Patch to monitor my heart Rhythm. My Sinus Rhythm was racing so fast my heart could not keep up. My HR would slow, but pounded with each beat it could. I told my doc that it started after the Vaccine but was told that the Vaccine couldn't be the cause. I was guessing maybe the vaccine triggered new sensitivities or an allergic reactionsto something because it occurred after a meal. It is now 5 months since and I still have at least one episode per day. I've discovered the medical term is Myocarditis which describes what I'm experiencing. I'm doing better but this really scared us.

-L.C. - Oregon"

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