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J.Z. – Wisconsin

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am a 59 year old female with some pre-existing conditions: celiac, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and NASH, but have been doing relatively well with these conditions and was working a full time managerial/leadership position. I had non-confirmed COVID March of 2020 (not testing general public at that time) was ill for 2.5 days slept 19 hours and 51 minutes straight, horrible body pain and fevers and could not taste or smell for 3.5 weeks- recovered.

First Pfizer vaccination 4/3/21 headache and tired for about 2 hours then subsided.

2nd Pfizer vaccination (EWO169) 4/25/21 developed a rash at injection site and pain in arm- no big deal. The next night I had horrible body aches, fever that lasted 8 days and summed it up to vaccination building up antibodies; had to miss some work because I could not function. Sometime during all of this I realized I could not feel the left side of my face or lips; both of my hands and my feet especially my toes; I was having hallucinations; dizzy, extreme fatigue and headaches. Saw my physician, she pulled me out of work; told me not to drive in heavy traffic. She would prefer I do not drive at all, but that is impossible. the headaches have subsided; and the hallucinations are better; but nothing else. I often drool from the left side of my mouth. It feels as though I have icy hot on the parts of my body that are numb; I am getting very weak in the legs and often rely on a cane or walker to insure I do not fall down. It feels as though I have a constant sinus infection with the pressure in my head- I do not have a sinus infection. The dizziness and fatigue are overwhelming. I am on gabapentin for Fibro; but my sleep is poor from the numbness. My physician is taking this very seriously; had brain MRI, normal, ultrasound to make sure arteries to brain are not blocked- all good; upcoming appt with neurologist; emg and eeg.

There is no history of this vaccination; so I do not know if this is permanent; if I will ever feel well again; if I will ever be able to return to work or function as a ""normal"" human. I am so very sorry for what every one is going through. I am going to let my voice be heard. Stay Strong Everyone.

-J.Z. - Wisconsin"

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