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H.L. – Texas

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I’m 58 years old, married to my husband going on 40 years and enjoy life on our ranch. We have two beautiful granddaughters that I love to be active with in all their activities. Prior to the vaccine I daily worked on our ranch, do accounting work for a business and ride competitively in Versatility Ranch Horse. The morning before the second vaccine I cleaned the livestock barn and drove 25 minutes to town.

I had my first Moderna vaccine March 12 with no adverse reaction. April 12 at 11:11 in the morning I had my second Moderna vaccine and within 25 minutes I was in an ambulance being transported to our local ER. My Blood Pressure was 223/145 and Heart rate was 127. My face was numb.

Two days later I was admitted to the hospital after again high blood pressure and heart rate. Pain in my abdomen. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and elevated liver enzymes. I was given medication for high blood pressure and released. Multiple return trips to ER, visited my PCP where he prescribed a cocktail of drugs. These are very rural physicians. Since I was feeling worse with heart, joint pain, tingling and numbness we felt the need to drive to Dallas where I was admitted to UT Southwestern. They took away all meds previously prescribed. Ran numerous tests on heart, vascular system, liver, spleen, brain etc...

New meds prescribed but continued to have heart issues and joint pain along with tingling and numbness. Returned to UT Southwestern again with severe heart pain. It was a scary 2.5 hour ambulance ride to get there.

More heart meds prescribed. And heart monitor for 30 days. Cardiologist appointment late June.

I continue to have episodes. I fight to stay positive and I’ve always been a strong healthy person. It’s scary. I’ve sent my horses to the trainer because I’m not able to ride. I find people including family don’t understand what we are feeling. The pain, the fear , the frustration. I’m hopeful there is an end to our struggles.

H.L. - Texas"

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