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H.H. – Wisconsin

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/26/21

I am writing in for my 24 year old daughter. She received the first dose March 30 and second dose April 21. She had prickle/pins and needles symptoms after each vaccine near where the shot was. She got one in each arm. After the second shot, she had pins and needles in both arms. She had normal post vaccine side effects after that…48 hours of fatigue and feeling just unwell. After that, she has had nothing bother her. She is a runner, and continued her training feeling really good.

On June 12, she woke up with burning /tingling on one hand. A couple days later, the burning/tingling spread to her foot. The next day there was a numbness/ mild asleep feeling in her calf with tingling down her foot.. The pain would get less intense but sometimes get more intense.

She went to primary care, and got blood tests. All normal, however B12 was a bit on the low side so she has been taking B12 supplements.

June 29 she woke up with strange symptoms—pain across her mid back along the spine and out towards her ribs. Random brief stabbing pain that would move between different joints. Then, it left. But she still has the original tingling in her hand and foot and calf.

She is considering going to a neurologist. We aren’t sure if this is vaccine related but she has never had anything like this in her life.

H.H. - Wisconsin​

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