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E.V. – Arizona

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



On February 23rd, I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. About a day after, I started to develop some flu-like symptoms (body aches, low-grade fever, fatigue) which diminished shortly after. I was completely fine, with no side-effects for the next 2 weeks or so. I then started to notice that I was developing chills on the left side of my body, that were accompanied by tingling, numbness, and pins/needles sensations in my left leg and foot. I attributed this to an ear or sinus infection at the time because I had recurring sinus/ear pressure and pain.

I then went to urgent care on March 29th, where they ruled out an ear infection. I was taking antihistamines and OTC sinus medicines to try to clear a possible allergy or sinus infection. Then on approximately April 8th, I developed an eyelid twitch above my left eye that was constant and lasted about 4 days. This was accompanied by some forehead tingling and more intense headaches that were concentrated on the left side. Shortly after, I started to feel severe chest pain and developed some shortness of breath that lasted a few days. This was when I completely stopped exercising, even though I regularly exercised for months with no changes in breathing or heart rate prior to this. About a week later, on April 16th, I started to experience heart palpitations and an increased heart rate that happened both at rest and when moving. It felt as though my heart was beating outside of my chest, for no apparent reason since there was no known trigger or stressor. I developed painless, sporadic muscle and body twitches at this time as well. The tingling and numbness in my leg, eye twitching, and chills disappeared.

On April 30th, I started to notice painful burning sensations in both legs, that was followed by joint and nerve pain, stiffness, and muscle weakness. Eventually, I felt shooting and burning nerve pain in my upper back, shoulders, and arms. I also noticed arthritic type stiffness and pain in my left hand, that has since subsidized. On May 15th, I started to experience numbness, tingling, and twitching on the left side of my face. My pressure headache also increased in frequency and intensity. MRI and CT scans ruled out sinus infections and other structural abnormalities; however, an abnormal ECG was produced.

Prior to the vaccine, I had not experienced any heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle or nerve pain and weakness, tingling, or shortness of breath. I now have difficulty walking, sitting, and laying down from systemic pain in my legs and body, as well as generalized weakness and stiffness in my legs and arms. I also experience sleep disturbances because of the tingling in my face, headache, and heart palpitations that I feel in several parts of my body. All of this has resulted in several diagnostic tests, doctor's visits, and an overnight ER stay. It has also significantly impacted by ability to function, work, and sleep. I am unable to find relief from painkillers or sleep aids, and my pain and symptoms are progressively worsening. I have had no injuries, no history of any medical or health problems, no drug or alcohol abuse, autoimmune diseases, or genetic predispositions to health disorders.

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