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Vaccine Injury of Angela Hoflund

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vibrant, Active and Adventurous, Wanderluster, Optimist and fun-loving mom of 3 young kiddos that loved to play, dig in the dirt, jump in the puddles, and do all things active.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

10/2020 – Chris (my Army husband) tested positive, though we all had symptoms, I tested negative at Womack Army Medical Center.

Before 3/17/2021 / 04/08/2021 - In one of the most fit and active times of my life. Working out 3-6 times a week. Riding bikes with my kids, swimming, playing, etc. (picture evidence available). I was the mom that played with the kids, considered a very healthy individual.

3/17/2021 - I received the first Pfizer vaccine on March 17, 2021. Approximately two minutes post vaccine, my heart rate sky rocketed, and my throat tightened. I tried to flag down the soldier medic, but he was helping a person five cars ahead of me. When he finally reached my van, he told me to stay an additional fifteen minutes so that he could monitor me. After the fifteen minutes lapsed my heart rate decreased, and I had no further reaction at the time. So, I went home. Once I arrived home I took a Benadryl, at which point all of my symptoms ceased.
4/8/2021- My reaction to the first dose of the shot scared me. Needless to say, I was terrified to go in to receive the second dose. I requested that my mom remain here in North Carolina during her visit from Pennsylvania to stay with my children because I feared I would have a similar reaction to the second shot. I could never have guessed the reaction would be far worse. I also told my husband & some of my friends about my fears. But, they convinced me that everything would be fine, and my Mom flew home to PA. So, I mustered the courage to get the second dose of the Pfizer Covid mRNA vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech. My husband drove me because my fear of reaction was so great. I told the administering doctor about my previous reaction, and that I took Benadryl that morning to avoid similar reaction. He told me to pull into a separate lane and wait a half hour to “make sure there was no additional reaction this time.” I waited the half hour with no reaction. Later, I had what most would consider the normal reaction. I felt a little ill, had a headache, was fatigued, and was sore at the injection site.

4/17/2021- On April 17, 2021, ONLY 9 DAYS LATER, I felt the onset of what would later be diagnosed as a pulmonary embolism with infarct and a hypercoaguable blood disorder.
4/20 to 21 of 2021 – I spent April 20th to early 21st in the ER where I was diagnosed with the pulmonary embolism with infarct and hypercoaguability.
Also, diagnosis later from my hematologist, Dr. Stephan Moll, is that I suffer from Post Pulmonary Embolism Syndrome. “Recent studies suggest that up to 50% of patients surviving pulmonary embolism (PE) suffer from post-PE syndrome, which is associated with a decreased quality of life. The symptoms of Post Pulmonary Embolism Syndrome include, “persistent dyspnea (the feeling of not being able to breathe or not being able to breathe well enough), impaired exercise capacity, and/or decreased health-related quality of life” - Science Direct.

Since then, my life and health have suffered immensely. The past two years have been an uphill battle, that I feel like I am losing. I was ordered to speak with a behavioral health counselor as a result of this trauma. My mental health has deteriorated. I suffer from extreme anxiety, stress, and worry. My fitness has decreased/declined, and with it my mental health. I can barely walk on some days due to the debilitating pain in my knees. I have been prescribed several different anti-depressants because of my elevated level of anxiety and heightened depression. Nothing has helped.

Due to the pulmonary embolism, I have ongoing weekly episodes of shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate. I have had frequent, unrelenting sharp pains in my chest, heart, lungs and back. I often fear I may lose my life, or will never fully recover. I have 3 young children, that I cannot leave behind. I fear that I will never breathe normally again. I cannot fill my lungs to capacity and become over exerted easily. I have night sweats and insomnia. My life is now occupied with visits to specialists. One moment I was a healthy and vivacious, now I’m weak and dread what obstacle I might face next. Daily tasks are overwhelming and unmanageable.

After the vaccine, my monthly periods (menstrual cycle) became excruciatingly painful and heavy. My breast pain is approximately 2 weeks, when prior to the vaccine, it was 3-7 days. Bleeding during a menstrual cycle lasts for up to ten days. I have heavy bleeding, large clots, and terrible cramping. Some “heavy or overnight” pads fill within 45 minutes with massive clots that have come out of my body. I have documented my periods with photographic evidence because of the massive clots and quantity of blood. This is also why I began seeing a GYN regularly to understand if I were eligible to have a hysterectomy or ablation. During an appointment, a note came through from the pulmonologist (9/2022), noting that I could potentially have had additional PE w infarct. The GYN and I decided not to proceed until it was clear I would not have complications due to this new diagnosis.

Since the vaccine, I have also become predisposed to pneumonia, as noted below.
2/9/2022 – On February 9, 2022 I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Toward the end of January, I had one (out of 4) at home tests showing a positive for Covid, however, the CDC and news were announcing the inaccuracy at that time, so we could not confirm that I ever had Covid.
Symptoms included:
-excruciating pain in my lower and middle RIGHT lung.
-Shortness of breath.
-Chest pain.
-Coughing up blood.
*A second time I required help during my recovery period, to care for my children as well and household.

3/28/2022 – Pneumonia (a second diagnosis).
Symptoms included:
- Horrible pain in the middle upper part of my lung & back.
-Shortness of breath.
-Rapid heart rate.
-Struggle taking deep breaths.
*I had never had pneumonia or felt as ill and incapable to complete every day tasks.

9/20/2022 - Pulmonologist (Hiren Mehta) followup CT without contrast. Saw something & ordered a CT with Contrast next day

9/21/2022 - CT with Contrast. Hiren Mehta following notes, and referred me now to Pulmonary Vascular specialist Dr. Barbara LeVarge (UNC).
LUNGS/PLEURA: The central airways patent. Unchanged right apical opacity on series 4 image 28, suspected pulmonary infarct within the right middle lobe on series 4 image 75, and additional bilateral more focal opacities in comparison to 9/20/2022.

9/22/2022 - changed from Xarelto to Eliquis due to ventilation exam and 2 chest CT’s showing NEW PE and infarct

11/18/2022 - First Consult with Dr. LeVarge, ordered multiple tests, including nuclear ventilation profusion…she noted the following (that I’m an inefficient breather): exercise study has been read; my plan is to go into full details at our followup in a couple weeks. The short summary is you did excellent on the test, gave great effort, and technically achieved a normal exercise capacity (normal VO2 or oxygen consumption) with normal achieved Watts on the bike, though it's fairly likely you might have been able to get a higher VO2 in times past, before the clots. I can definitely see the clots affecting you and your exercise test, with abnormalities in something that we call ventilatory efficiency (basically the areas affected by clots are not able to get rid of carbon dioxide because they aren't getting normal blood flow there, and that means you have to breathe more to make up for it).

12/19/2022 - Dr. Stephan Moll (UNC), my hematologist, has thorough notes through May via his interpretation.


3/10/2023 - Dr. Barbara LeVarge (UNC), my pulmonary vascular specialist, has additional VERY thorough notes.

I injured my shoulder sometime in February (they're thinking small tear in my rotator cuff and pressure on my nerves from compensating the pain), and I've been sent to physical therapy rehab. In March, I presented with serious neck pain and stiffness, also addressed at PT rehab. I have to schedule with an Ortho, as I just received a referral 5/6, and left a voicemail to schedule an appointment.

Tuesday 4/25/2023, I had a chiropractic adjustment & he manipulated my hips, but nothing with great force. Wednesday morning I awoke with some knee pain and slight swelling in my left leg, but brushed it off and took Motrin and iced.

Thursday 4/27/2023, the pain and swelling slightly worse, minor pain in my right knee as well again, I iced and took Motrin. Friday more pain and swelling. Saturday early 2-6 AM I had a fever, but not sure what temp because we couldn't find the reader. Fever broke around 8am. Sunday, I was ok, still had swelling and pain.

5/1/2023, went into the ER under direction of PCM because of the leg swelling and to rule out DVT. They ran both ultrasound and CT and found nothing, saying it could've been a clot, but I'm already on the protocol they would've followed. The pain & swelling are still present, and they said to follow up w my PCM, that should refer me to another vascular surgeon. My biggest concerns are: why the swelling, and why are now 3/4 limbs housing so much pain?It's painful to walk...I feel unwell, like something is being missed, and I'm not sure what else to do.

Second ER visit 5/8/2023. I went in to my PCM early morning on 5/8 and she and the lead Dr. were stumped. They also noted that I had an elevated mild temperature of 99.2, when my usual avg temp is 96.5-97.5. They directed me to the ER, since they would be able to provide testing and answers immediately. Although I saw 4 doctors, no one was able to come to a conclusion as to what is causing my leg pain and swelling. They did additional blood panel, ultrasound on both legs and CTA. The radiologist saw cysts/sacs filled with a fluid behind my knees, as well as notable PEs in my right lung. They were unable to determine whether the PEs were new or residual. One doctor said this could possibly be CTEPH, and suggested we change to Warfarin/Lovenox from Eliquis, but the others preferred to wait to do so until conferring with my Pulmonary Vascular Specialist and Hematologist. Dr. Grover said it would be wise to seek care from a Rheumatologist as well as an Immunologist. They also suggested I be referred to an Ortho for my knees and possibly have an MRI. They said my case is quite bizarre and trying to connect the dots was difficult, as the leg pain and swelling may be completely unrelated, but it may not, and usually the swelling is evident as a DVT, but in this case, it’s both legs and NO evidence of DVT.

5/12 left leg tingling & numbness
5/14 right foot numb, left toes tingling, left arm/fingers tingling/numb
5/16 vision change, light sensitivity in the morning.
5/17 pain in legs, vision & pumping in ears
5/22 sunburn overnight on bottoms of feet
6/4 & 5 - zap/jolt in eyes, sensory & tongue pain in knees & sunburn on bottoms of feet
Most of June pain & swelling in left leg toward end of month
7/1-7/6- prednisone & feeling of sunburn on bottoms of feet, heart rate rapid, couldn’t sleep
7/7-7/11 excruciating knee, shoulder and ankle pain. Icing multiple times a day. Painful to bend right leg, sunburn sensation on bottoms of feet
7/21 lung pain
7/28 and 29th the only two days that pain was MANAGEABLE with 2000mg of NSAIDs each day.
7/30 lungs hurt, more when bending over, coughed a bit
7/31 lungs hurt, legs hurt, coughed a bit…Neurological “zaps” in my body, tongue, lips, brain?
8/10 felt very strange today . Dizzy, out of body, & foggy. Coughed a bunch
8/17 another ONLY day that the pain in my shoulder, knees and ankle was bearable.
8/28/2023 left shoulder has now started to be painful along with both knees, right ankle and right shoulder.
8/29 third ventilation profusion test - horrible pain. Period early.
8/30 - 9/2 - feeling “off”, unwell and short of breath
9/2-9/6 - massive headaches
9/7 - thankfully did not wake with a headache, but the ankle, knee and shoulder pain remain.
9/21 severe knee & joint pain, lung pain & weird swallowing “strain” worse when leaning over.
9/22 random face twitching
9/23 excruciating headache strange swallowing strain discomfort, knee, shoulder and ankle pain
9/24 exhausted, swallowing strain/discomfort, severe pain in shoulder, knees and right ankle.
9/25 same as yesterday
9/26 feeling unwell, tired, high anxiety
9/27 same as 9/24 and 9/26
9/28 & 29 – SEVERE knee and joint pain,walking was difficult, sleeping was difficult swallowing and breathing were labored, high stress and anxiety.
10/2 – swelling in left knee and right ankle. So much pain I can barely move. Pain in lymph nodes.
10/2-27 – some days I can barely roll over in bed, the pain in my body is so severe. I can’t remember a day when I felt no pain.
10/21 – started to have some hip pain along with the knee, shoulder and ankle pain.
10/24 – knees and ankle swollen, lymph nodes painful, shoulders excruciating.
10/27 – massive migraine along with the pain in joints.
10/28-10/30 – pain in joints, fogginess, still have ulcers from 10/22
10/31 – pain in joints
11/1 – 7th – rash on hips, pain in joints, swelling in knees
11/6 – strange hive/stye in the left eye
11/7- hive still there (documented pictures) – severe joint pain & knee swelling – Dr. Kiara Eily suggested I have the knee drained because of the amount of fluid in it. Wants to run another series of blood tests to try and diagnose.
11/8- knee pain & inflammation, shoulder pain
11/9-15 – knee pain & inflammation, shoulder pain, weakness and tired.
11/14 – unsuccessful iron infusion with anaphylaxis to iron for anemia – given 3 rounds of Benadryl and steroid shot.

My diagnosis 4/20/2021 - Womack Army Medical Center Emergency department: PE with Infarct and hypercoaguability

*Started seeing the following beginning on dates*:
Pulmonologist 4/21/2021 (Womack) 6/15/2021: UNC Rex Pulmonary Specialist
Hematologist: 09/14/2021 UNC Benign Hematology - Dr. Stephan Moll
Cardiologist: 8/20/2021 NC Heart and Vascular (UNC) - Dr. David B. Walker
GYN for excessive bleeding during menstruation: 5/27/2022 (consultation) Dr. Kimberly Malloy UNC OBGYN (9/21/2022)
Pulmonary Vascular Specialist: 11/18/2022 - UNCH Pulmonary Specialty - Dr. Barbara LeVarge
Rheumatology: 6/30/2023 – Dr. Ernesto Avillar Womack Army Med Ctr
Pain Management Specialist: 10/31/2023
Carolina Center for Restorative Medicine: Dr. Kiara Eily: 11/7/2023 (FLCCC Dr)

My daily/weekly Post-vax symptoms: rapid/ heartbeat, shortness of breath, lung pain, difficulty feeling as though I can take a deep breath (pain), more susceptibility of pneumonia and illness, fatigue, involuntary muscle spasms – including during sleep, loss of hand/grip strength, debilitating brain fog, blanking out in the middle of holding a conversation, losing words and immediately forgetting what I’m doing. Anemia. PTSD of pain and potentially death, fear of dying young. Consistent higher blood coagulability even on thinners. Chronic PE (second clotting with infarct found during follow up – clotted on Xarelto).

My additional new symptoms: joint pain, severe inflammation, unexplained edema in both legs, extreme pain in shoulders, neck, both knees and right ankle, possibly autoimmune disease, weakness or Long Covid Vaccine Syndrome, that is still being assessed.

*Detailed Medical History is available through Womack Army Medical Center and UNC* Also of note, in May or June of 2021, Chris and I were tested for Covid antibodies. Chris tested positive, and I tested negative.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Still seeking a helpful solution. Daily tasks are daunting and excruciatingly painful. Walking is difficult most days.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors that say I'm a baffling case, shrug their shoulders and pass me on to another specialist. I know that all of us are "diagnosis unknown" after these vaccines, but belief, hearing our story and SEEKING TREATMENT to help us restore our health should be a part of what they're out to do.

What would you like others to know?

A glimpse of my story:

With the hope that I can find a doctor that will help me to restore my health, maybe reverse some of the damage the vaccine has done. As well as connect me with others with similar stories who are seeking justice, and compensation. I want to be heard, and find justice for taking my health and my spirit.

I also have reported to: CDC, FDA, VAERS, CICP, Pfizer. I am in the Yale study of Covid Vaccine reactions, and have just joined this community at React19. I have a family friend Neurologist and Immunologist PhD, that has written a letter on my behalf to support the evidence for the CICP claim....I'd gladly share it here as well.

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