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Alina Lukasevich

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Perfectly healthy, active, 5 days per week at the gym. 2 small kids, very busy and happy life

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Sept 2: adverse reaction within 8 minutes of first (and last) Pfizer shot, 7 hours waiting in ER and no doctor to get me in. Felt like adrenaline rush, fast heart beat- lasted about 8 hours, no medication was given.

Sept : PCP (dr Christopher Breuder) visits, blood work, ekg, blood clots ultrasounds - all normal. Per primary care doctor - anxiety.

Ekg does show abnormalities

October : cardiologist visits( dr Randall hall) , stress test, echo of the heart, blood work for inflammation,72 hr holter monitor- all normal

black floaters in eyes and boat feeling as added symptom

November: Neurologyst visits, eeg, brain MRI - all normal

December: electrophysiologist( dr Greenberg) , holter monitor, d dimer, heart muscle inflammation blood work - normal.

1/16/22 bug crawling sensation, chest burning, started lower leg itching and crumps in right calf.

Brain freeze feeling like

Nose pressure in the upper

Severe hair loss

Burning scalp

2/6 coughing up brown flaky mucus - pcp thinks just allergies.

Black stools - did in home test to detect blood all normal.

3/20 TIA left arm completely numb, tongue numb

3/21 relapse of symptoms, brain MRI neck MRA - clear

4/28 lungs X-ray - clear

5/8 trying gluten free, dairy and sugar free diet. Tried magnesium l threonate - reacted with fever, cold like symptoms.

5/13 Ana blood panel, after 22 tubes of blood draw symptoms relapse - brain fog, dizziness, strong heart palpitations. ANT testing

Still coughing brown mucus since September ,

5/18 uti and pink eye

6/12 mammogram

My *heart beat races to 169 and dramatically drops to 42 in a matter or seconds/ minutes and I haven’t even been doing much. I've experienced *lightheadedness and feeling like I'm on a *boat feeling for hours at a time. *Chest pain and *tingling throughout my body, left arm/ *tongue going numb.

My PCP has immediately assumed it’s a panic attack but those don’t last for hours. I had no previous history of them.

My neurologist explained that if it’s nerve damage, only time will heal as he have seen multiple cases like mine from getting the vaccine.

I do have a July appointment at utsw neurology clinic to check for autonomic disorder but in the meantime I just don’t know what to do.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Nothing so far

Which solutions were not helpful?

Cbd oils
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