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Tagged with: Heart Issues

Craig Nichols

Cristina Donoso

Danielle Piéton

Danny Baugher

David Rich

Vaccine Injury of C.B. – Georgia

Entry Date: 6/3/21 I was previously healthy and loving life. I had a baby girl 4 months ago and honestly thought postpartum was a breeze. I was full of energy, even on no sleep. Everything changed...

David Russell

David Wood

Dawid Roux

Vaccine Injury of M.H.

5/25/21 I received one dose Moderna on January 20, 2021. My immediate reactions included tingling/numbing lips, itchy/hives on jab arm, tightening throat and racing heart. The next day, I f...

Vaccine Injury of E.N.

5/25/21 Pfizer 1st shot: Strong Nausea and Dizziness on constant and permanent basis. Difficulty swallowing after 52 hours which lasted for 4 weeks (visit to ER hospital). Tachycardia and H...

Vaccine Injury of J. – Georgia

5/21/21 I was a healthy physically active 39yr old female physician and new mom to a 4 month old baby when I got my first Pfizer vaccine on 12/26/20. At 11 minutes after the shot I became f...

Debbie Murray

Debby Geist-Lyons

Deborah Knopf

Deena Herrera

Vaccine Injury of V.G.

5/21/21 I received both doses of in February. Onset of symptoms following Pfizer Covid vaccination. A couple of days after that I started feeling numbness and tingling on my hands (especial...

Vaccine Injury of A.R. – California

5/21/21 My name is A and on 1/31 I received the Moderna vaccine Lot #042L20A , on my left deltoid. After 15 min my face and mouth started to go numb. Round 30 min my throat felt like it was...

Vaccine Injury of E.R. – Connecticut

5/20/21 I’m a speech language pathologist in CT and have had a vaccine reaction for almost 5 months. I have no pre-existing conditions. I worked out several times a week and even ran 2 mile...

Vaccine Injury of M.C. – Nebraska

8/2/21 Hi my name is Marilyn. I received the Moderno vaccine the first week of January 2021. I worked as a pharmacy technician in the local town pharmacy. I wanted to show others my support...