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Tagged with: Heart Issues

Andre Cherry

Vaccine Injury of K.W. – Delaware

Vaccine Date: 09 April 2021
7/3/21 ​I received the J&J vaccine on April 9, 2021. I was a healthy 59 year old with acid reflux and high cholesterol. I exercised regularly. A few hours after I went to bed on April 18, 2...

Vaccine Injury of M.O. – California

7/3/21 I got my first Pfizer vaccine about a couple of weeks right afterwards my heartbeat started racing I felt weird after that my body feels week my bone hurt I feel sick like if my headac...

Vaccine Injury of C.C. – California

Entry Date: 6/29/21 Moderna vaccine first shot in left arm. Less than 30 hours after the vaccine, my left chest muscle started to twitch under my armpits to my sternum. Doctors tried to pump me ...

Andrea Kelly

Andrew D'arcy

Anette Lindberg Friedrichsen

Vaccine Injury of J.B. – Pennsylvania

Vaccine Date: 10 February 2021
Entry Date: 6/27/21 First and foremost I've worked in healthcare for 20 years, I've gotten every vaccine needed. I've never had an issue. I've had MS for 25 years, I've been pretty active. I walk...

Vaccine Injury of T.H. – California

Vaccine Date: 16 April 2021
Entry Date: 6/16/21 ​I was a healthy , active 46 year old women before my first shot of Pfizer on April 16. The shot was painful from the beginning but the pharmacist assured me that is normal . ...

Vaccine Injury of F.P. – Nova Scotia

Entry Date: 6/25/21 ​Got the Moderna vaccine and within the 15 min wait period took a reaction. My limbs went pins and needles and cold and then I started to shake and got extremely dizzy. My le...

Angela Wilcox

Vaccine Injury of V.H. – Georgia

Vaccine Date: 09 April 2021
Entry Date: 6/25​/21 Preface: I have an autoimmune disorder (UCTD) as well as Mast Cell disease (MCAS) that has mostly attacked my digestive system, and have had it for many years. I’ve been sta...

Anne Griffin

Balaji Govindaswami

Vaccine Injury of J.D. – New York

Vaccine Date: 19 February 2021
Entry Date: 6/24/21 My husband is (was) a healthy, active 38 year old with no health issues whatsoever. He is a 16 year veteran of the local sheriff’s department and father of 3. On February 19t...

Vaccine Injury of T.A. – Florida

Entry Date: 6/25/21 Father got Pfizer vaccine. He was anemic his whole life (low iron/ low red cells) A few weeks after second dole, be was feeling terrible, trouble breathing, exhausted, whe...

Vaccine Injury of D.F.

Vaccine Date: 29 March 2021
Entry Date 6/1/21 I took the Moderna march 29th. April 9th my vertigo, mental fog, dizziness, loss my sympathetic regulation (spikes in bp and hr), and led to 5 day hospital stay. Vitals and blo...

Benjamin Cole

Bethany Garrison

Bill Crnokrak