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Tagged with: Heart Issues

Vaccine Injury of M.C. – California

8/11/21 ​ I received the Jansen vaccine and 26 hours later I blacked out and had black Stools (after I cane to) which means bleeding out. my husband and daughter called 911 (while I was bl...

Vaccine Injury of B.B. – Kentucky

8/12/21 I recieved the first Moderna vaccine on May 8th, 2021. I immediately felt pain in the upper right back (same side as the shot). About 4 hours later at home, my heart started racing ...

Vaccine Injury of T.S. – Minnesota

8/12/21 I'm so relieved that I'm not alone. I was taken to ER the day after my 2nd shot. I had severe brain fog and they thought I'd had a heart attack. I've lost about a month of work sinc...

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Vaccine Injury of A.K. – Colorado

8/12/21 Long story to tell here, but here is my summary. I received the JJ vaccine in early April 2021 and, after the initial bad headache the night of the vaccine, I thought everything had...

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Vaccine Injury of B.F. – Arizona

8/24/21 A couple of things I have loved to do have been gardening and online genealogical research. I recieved the moderna shots as soon as they became available to me. Soon after I notic...

Vaccine Injury of S.M. – Florida

​8/24/21 Thank you for all you're doing. Here is my story. Age: 66, previously active and healthy First shot March 28, 2021 -- sore at injection site Second shot April 28, 2021 -- ...