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Tagged with: Muscle or Joint Pain

Vaccine Injury of R.W. – Pennsylvania

8/2/21 I was pro vaccine and signed up willingly for the shot. However, after my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I developed neurological symptoms - tremors, widespread muscle twitches, ...

Fiona Mosley

Gabrielle Hall

Gale Fralin

George Richmond

Vaccine Injury of E.E. -Washington

8/2/21 After receiving the J&J jab on May 22, 2021, I had an autoimmune flare. Multiple joint pain, tachycardia, brisk reflexes, myoclonus, stiff muscles that wouldn't relax even while ...

Vaccine Injury of R.H. – Texas

8/2/21 My name is Rachel. I’m 24 years old, and I took my first Pfizer vaccine June 21st. On the 26th, I spent 12 hours in the ER due to chest pain and difficulty breathing. After numerous ...

Vaccine Injury of T.W. – South Carolina

8/2/21 I received my vaccine March 17th 2021 and my life hasn't been the safe since. I've suffered from persistent headaches, vision problems, vertigo, brain fog and memory loss, extreme we...

Heather Szalay

Henrietta Freeman

Iris De Boer

Jeff Jackson

Jeffrey Harrington

Vaccine Injury of D.A. – New Jersey

8/2/21 I am a fit, healthy and active 41-yr-old woman. I push through and don't let obstacles stop me, but this has really taken me by surprise and has affected me. I am a healthy eater and...

Vaccine Injury of J.G. – Ohio

8/3/21 ​I have reacted in the past to flu vaccines so once I was not working in the hospital, I stopped getting them. About 5 hours after I got the Johnson vaccine I developed a fever of 10...

Vaccine Injury of K.T. – Ontario

8/2/21 I got my first dose in May, I had no problems at all. I recieved my second dose at the beginning of July, within hours I experienced clamminess, at the same time getting hot flashes,...

Jenna Francey

Joan Edwards

John Schuerman

Vaccine Injury of K.L. – N.B.

8/2/21 Hello everyone, ​ I received my first shot of Pfizer back on May 19th and my second on June 30th. I had little to no side effects from my first but after my second, three days in,...